Welcome to my website! On this website, you will find more information about what I have learned in FRK 201 as per assignment to create an e-portfolio. You will also find my CV and other personal things about me. Enjoy!

A motto I live by

Attitude determines altitude!
~ Dr. John C Maxwell


  • Executive Committee member for House CA (2017/2018): HERE
  • Toastmaster member
  • Deloitte and Mazars student vac work
  • Knowledgeable in SAGE Pastel

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IAS 8: Changes in accounting policy, accounting estimates and errors

IAS 8: Changes in accounting policy, accounting estimates and errors TESTED IN 3 WAYS: Change in Estimate Prospectively (Current & Future) Change in Errors Retrospectively (Comparative periods & Opening balances restated: as if error never made) Change in Accounting Policy Only change if 1: required by standard 2: Will make info more relevant & reliable …


LEASES Lessor needs to classify lease as finance         Lessee can use a single accounting or operating.                                                                        model. Don’t need to classify leases. Identify Lease Is a lease contract if: Right to Control Underlying Asset for a period of time in exchange for consideration On Inception date: earlier of lease/ commitment Separate Components: Lease/ Non-lease via …

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