The Dream – Future CA(SA)

To be honest, the thought actually scares me … “Future CA(SA)”

As a yet-to-be CA(SA) I am trying to make the most of my journey. I am still in the beginning stages but it especially feels extremely far to go when I look up at those that have already made it over the mountain and have those four prestige letters after their name.

I am a positive person, a social butterfly and I am determined to prove humanity wrong that CA’s are not the most boring people alive that sit behind a desk all day.

No, I will become a CA(SA) that speaks in front of a crowd of millions of people, that has a major influence in the business world, climbs the corporate ladder and travels the world endlessly. Don’t believe me? Just watch me!

Anyhow, I have received an assignment instructing me to create my own e-portfolio where I can simultaneously use it as my personal branding and to reflect what I have learned in my Accounting subject (FRK 201) for each topic during this year. So welcome to my website and feel free to look around and enjoy my handy work.